A friend of mine was recently talking about his sealed units

A friend of mine was recently talking about his sealed units Leeds and how he was looking for companies which advertised sealed units replaced Leeds and surrounding areas. His double glazing was quite old and he no longer wanted sealed units into aluminium. He was looking to have his home renovated and sealed unit replacement was just one of the alterations he was considering.

A sealed unit is just a fancy name for two panes of glass with an air filled gap between them. However the advantages of having sealed units installed, whether sealed units into PVC or sealed units into timber, add up to your home looking better, being more secure and energy efficient too. Once sealed, a double glazed sealed unit is not designed to be taken apart again. Therefore the only economical way to repair a broken or misted sealed unit is to replace it.

The problems arise when your sealed units become misty and apart from looking unattractive, this obscures your view and reduces the efficiency of the double glazing. If a hole develops in the seal between the two panes of a double glazed window, moisture is allowed to enter inside. Pvc Gas Hose When the temperature changes this moisture condenses into a liquid and over time this liquid builds up, unable to escape. This generally results in a misted or foggy window.

Replacing a misted sealed unit can have many benefits such as:

Get a clear view out of your window Improve insulation and energy efficiency of your home Maintain the value of your property Improve the appearance of your house

Float glass is the standard glass used in the majority of domestic windows because of its smooth surface and even depth. Toughened glass, or safety glass, has greater strength and a higher thermal resistance compared to float glass, and it is designed to shatter into small pieces when broken as opposed to jagged shards. These unique properties make toughened glass ideal for windows where safety is a consideration. Toughened glass is required in certain circumstances in order to conform to UK building regulations.

The main problem which double glazing companies face is the negative image which has developed over time regarding the nature and the tactics of the salesmen who are responsible for bringing in the orders. Over the years these salesmen have managed to gain a reputation for being unscrupulous and greedy enough to do anything in order to get an order. There have been stories about little old ladies being terrorised into signing order forms by pushy men who have managed to wrangle their way inside.

In fact I remember a time when we were visited by a double glazing salesman whom we had contacted for a quote. He spent an hour and a half making a pitch even when we told him that we were not interested in sealed unit replacement at the price he was telling us. This is why you need to be careful when approaching these companies and stay wary and alert.

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